Mova Group

Free online language lessons for the people of Ukraine

About Us

When the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, I was sad and terrified. Somehow, I wanted to help people from Ukraine, no matter how minor that help might be. I applied to volunteer in Zagreb, my hometown, but they rejected me because they already had many volunteers - which is great! Still, I wanted to do something, so I contacted people that might help, made a Facebook group and promoted it, gathered learning materials, made the website - and that's how our small initiative started. I want to thank all volunteers for their time, as well as all learners for their interest and indomitable spirit that inspires us all. Ми любимо Україну! ❤️

~ Nino

Lucija Butković

Cofounder, Volunteer

Born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1991. She graduated from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb where she studied Philosophy and Comparative Literature. Lucija works in PR for Fraktura publishing house and periodically works as a literary critic.

Ema Đurasek


Born in 1989, has a Master's degree in French language and Comparative literature from the University of Zagreb. She works as a Technical agent for French and English. Ema loves to translate, read and learn foreign languages. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her dog.

Rivkah Hatchwell


Rivkah is a 26-year-old PhD student living in London. She grew up between the UK and USA and now enjoys reading philosophy, having drinks with friends and going to art galleries.

Kateryna Kovalchuk


I’m Katya from Ukraine. Currently, I live in Frankfurt. I love travelling, swimming, and watching other people cook. I admire medieval architecture and Art Nouveau, as well as Functionalism. I’m also keen on languages, and if I didn’t have to work I would just spend time learning new languages.

Biljana Lalić


Biljana is a Croatian native who's lived in Austria, Hungary and is now happily settled in Belgium. She works at the European Green Party, enjoys yoga, cycling, reading and is a plant-based foodie.

Colette Olive


Colette is completing a PhD at Kings College London in philosophy. She also works for the Centre for Philosophy of Art, and teaches at Kings.

Katarzyna Plesniar


Katarzyna is a Neuroscience Research Assistant at LMU in Munich, Germany. She moved to Ireland when she was 11 and comple­­­­­­ted all her studies in English.

Dr Nino Kadić

Founder, Volunteer

Nino is a philosopher from Croatia. His other interests include music, technology, history and learning about different cultures and languages. For a brief period of time, he worked as an online English teacher, teaching children and adults from Japan and China.