Mova Group

Free online language lessons for the people of Ukraine

About Us

When the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, I was sad and terrified. Somehow, I wanted to help people from Ukraine, no matter how minor that help might be. I applied to volunteer in Zagreb, my hometown, but they rejected me because they already had many volunteers - which is great! Still, I wanted to do something, so I contacted people that might help, made a Facebook group and promoted it, gathered learning materials, made the website - and that's how our small initiative started. I want to thank all volunteers for their time, as well as all learners for their interest and indomitable spirit that inspires us all. Ми любимо Україну! ❤️

~ Nino

Katarzyna Plesniar

Project Manager —

Katarzyna is a medical student with a background in Neuroscience. She joined Mova as a volunteer teacher, but has since then transitioned into Project Leader.

Dr Nino Kadić

Founder —

Nino is a philosopher from Croatia. He holds a PhD in Philosophy from King's College London.

His other interests include music, technology, history and learning about different cultures and languages. For a brief period of time, he worked as an online English teacher, teaching children and adults from Japan and China.