Mova Group

Free online language lessons for the people of Ukraine


If you would like to volunteer, please fill out and submit the form below. We welcome people from all walks of life!

Volunteers are expected to work in pairs, with each volunteer teaching one class every two weeks. If you'd prefer to work alone, please indicate it in the form.

The pair of volunteers will teach for 12 weeks in total, and we also offer a suggested teaching programme for both languages.

  • You should be a native or fluent speaker of English or Croatian.

  • You will be given priority if you have any proficiency in Ukrainian or Russian.

  • You will be given priority if you have previous language-teaching experience.

  • At least an intermediate understanding of English is a must for all volunteers.

This is because of the role English serves as a lingua franca, as well as for ease of communication between volunteers. If there is a need for more volunteers, we will contact you directly!